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Web Editor



Make sure a company's web content is in line with its image and goals.

What does a Web Editor do?

If you have a passion for the internet, technology, and being in charge of a company’s internet presence, then Web Editor could be the perfect job for you. Web Editors initiate, maintain, update, and monitor the content of web pages. Typically, this is done for one company, with the purpose of aligning the content on the page with the company’s goals. However, you might also work as a Web Editor for a variety of companies, focusing on one major project at a time.

Either way, the process is the same. You start by asking questions and gathering information. For example, what image does the company hope to portray? Is it whimsical (such as a company that sells children’s room decorations) or informative?

Whatever the tone of the company’s website, you work to make sure that every article, advertisement, product description, and link represents it. That might require changing the wording on advertising campaigns, or honing the voice of the Writers adding content to the site. You also look for accuracy, content, and grammatical errors. Since the content is constantly changing, you’re constantly assessing the data being added.

In addition to the text of the webpage, you also monitor the activity on social networking sites. Twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn are all becoming mainstream components of any company’s internet existence. To benefit the company, you monitor and edit content, update statuses, and work to build a following.

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