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Web Designer



Create attractive and functional websites for clients.

Salary Range

$45,760 - $73,020

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Web Designer do?

A web designer creates websites and web pages that show off their clients’ businesses to the largest number of potential customers possible. The start of a typical day may find you meeting with a new client to understand what she wants from her website. You then take that vision and, by using different layouts, colors, and images, create a template of a website that best fits her needs.

Once you and the client have agreed on how the website will look, it’s your job to gather all the information needed, such as photographs or written content, and convert them into HTML format, forming the finished website. Strong communication skills are necessary for this process, as you’re translating a grand vision into a working website and must talk the client through the opportunities and limitations of that translation.

Having a good grasp on HTML and some familiarity with graphic design programs will set you up to do well as a web designer. Patience and flexibility also are great assets, as you often work under tight deadlines, and have clients who change their minds quickly and with little notice.

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