Weatherstrip Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to mold and vulcanize sponge rubber beadings.

What does a Weatherstrip Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to mold and vulcanize sponge rubber beading onto wire mesh strip to form weatherstripping for automobiles: Selects and installs machine parts, such as engraved rolls, rotary gang knives, folding and forming channels, and tubes of specified size and measurement to produce beading of diameter ordered, using wrenches. Mounts reels of canvas carrier strip and wire mesh in creels beneath and above machine table. Threads carrier strip and mesh through rollers, guides, folding channels, and into forming tubes for pick up by metal fingers that carry them through vulcanizing tubes for each row of rubber strip. Turns wingnuts and bolts, using pliers and wrenches, to adjust rollers and guides, to center rubber strip on canvas carrier, to position mesh vertically in crease of imprinted rubber strip at specified depth, and to ensure even folding of carrier canvas around rubber and rubber around bottom half of wire mesh. Adjusts rheostat for each vulcanizing tube to designated setting and observes heat indicators. Starts machine and feeds roll of uncured rubber stock between engraved rolls. Measures sample of imprinted strip for conformance to thickness specifications, using dial micrometer and turns capstan screws to adjust width between rolls. Adjusts rheostats to maintain vulcanizing heats within allowable degree limits. Calculates length of running time required to produce footage ordered on work ticket. Staples end of supply strip onto leader to replenish carrier strip and wire mesh. Turns wheel of variable speed motor to adjust speed of rollers and metal finger sprockets according to diameter of beading.