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Weatherization Technician

Schedule building improvements and write grants to help fund them.

What does a Weatherization Technician do?

The job of a Weatherization Technician varies significantly from employer to employer. In some companies, Weatherization Technicians do exactly the same work as Weatherization Installers. In others, they do all the paperwork that supports the Weatherization Installer.

If your company assigns you – a Weatherization Technician – a desk, and spends a lot of time discussing computer systems and financial information, you’ll likely spend your time in a support position. In this role, you work with clients, filling out paperwork so they can receive grants. The clients then use this grant money to pay your company for home repairs.

You schedule those repairs and keep detailed paperwork. That paperwork is sent to the grant agency to prove that the money was used as intended. You work closely with a Weatherization Installer, letting them know when funding is available and when work can move forward.

If your company assigns you a tool belt and a truck, you’ll likely work in the field, doing tasks similar to those of a Weatherization Installer. In this position, you replace leaking windows with energy-efficient models, spray additional insulation into attics, and change out aging water heaters and heating systems. You also hire subcontractors to assist with more complicated problems.

Both positions involve a significant amount of education. You explain how energy efficiency works, and why it’s important and can save money. You must be persuasive, as energy upgrades can be expensive and it can be difficult for some consumers to understand why those upgrades make good financial sense. You may find your sales skills increasing exponentially the longer you stay on the job.