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Wax Pourer

Tend equipment that melt and pour paraffin into cardboard tubes.

What does a Wax Pourer do?

Tends equipment that melts and pours paraffin into cardboard tubes in manufacture of signal flares: Scans invoice to determine number of flares required. Climbs ladder and dumps paraffin blocks into vat and activates heating element to melt paraffin. Observes temperature gauge to determine when melting point is reached and looks into vat to verify liquid condition of paraffin. Turns valve to allow gravity-fed liquid paraffin to flow into pressure vat. Adjusts pressure vat controls to prescribed setting and flips switch to activate heating element. Places flare tube in rack with open end up and examines closed end for openings. Squeezes sealant into tubes to seal defective closed ends. Positions racked tubes under spout and depresses treadle to fill tubes with specified amount of paraffin. Advances each row of tubes under spout until all tubes are filled with paraffin. Carries racked tubes to next work station. Scrapes paraffin residue from worktable, using scraper. Maintains production records.