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Wave Soldering Machine Operator

Control wave-soldering machines or systems.

What does a Wave Soldering Machine Operator do?

Controls wave-soldering machine or system to solder electronic components onto printed circuit boards, according to processing specifications: Reads production schedules and operations manuals and receives verbal instructions regarding sequential start up and operation of wave-soldering machine or system. Moves controls to activate machine or equipment, such as preheater, lead wire cutter, wave-soldering units, and conveyors. Adjusts controls of machines to regulate operating speed and temperature and height of flux, wax, and solder waves. Verifies specific gravity of flux, using hydrometer. Adjusts dimensions of conveyor pallets and rails used to hold and transport PCB’s through wave-soldering process, using precision instruments and handtools. Places loaded master pallet and production pallets on conveyor line of wave soldering machine or system and monitors pallets moving through process to verify that timing, temperatures, and dimensions are set according to standards. Observes heat-sensitive color marks or strips placed on PCB’s to verify boards have been preheated to specified temperatures. Observes meters, gauges, and indicator lights to ensure that soldering of PCB’s conforms to processing standards. Examines samples of soldered boards to detect substandard soldering. Discusses quality of soldering with supervisor and adjusts controls according to instructions. Cleans parts and interiors of machines and replenishes fluids in machines and equipment. Performs preventive maintenance on machines and equipment, using handtools. May return substandard boards to workers for repair. May feed or off bear boards or pallets to or from conveyor system.