Water Softener Servicer and Installer

Install and service water-softener tanks.

What does a Water Softener Servicer and Installer do?

Installs and services water-softener tanks: Tests water quality for acidity, iron content, and hardness, using test kit. Examines plumbing system to determine connections, pipes, and pipe fittings required. Cuts, threads, and installs pipes, control valves, and couplings, using wrenches, pipe cutters, pipe threaders, and gas soldering equipment. Installs tank and attaches pipes and hoses to tank, fills tank with water, and inspects tank and pipes for leaks or other defects. Connects hoses of portable regenerating equipment to water-softener tank, and operates equipment to regenerate tank with chemicals to restore water-softener qualities at specified time intervals. Replaces sodium chloride in brine holding tank of automatic soft water conditioning system on specified schedule.