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Water Slide Tester

Water Slide Tester


Try out water slides to see if they're both enjoyable and safe.

What does a Water Slide Tester do?

When kids are in charge of choosing the hotel, amazing water slides are likely to be part of the picture. But for parents, safety is important as well. That’s where the Water Slide Tester comes in.

Water Slide Testers check to see if the water slides in hotels are both fun and safe. This may be the single most enviable job you’ll ever hold.

You may work as a Water Slide Tester for a hotel chain or a large travel company, and you spend most of your time on airplanes, traveling from hotel to hotel. When you arrive, you put on your swimming outfit and head to the pool. You take multiple trips down the slide, observing how much water it uses, how quickly you move down it, and how fun it is as a whole. You may consider bringing business cards with you to the pool, so you can prove to questioning parents that you are truly on the clock, and not trying to hog the slide or recapture your lost childhood.

You note any safety hazards you see, and report them directly to both your boss and the Hotel Manager. You may write reports about your findings in a witty format, for inclusion in travel magazines and websites. Because of this, you may learn many synonyms for the words “water,” “fun,” and “slide,” and give lots of interviews to members of the press who are eager to learn how in the world you landed this dream job.

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