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Water Meter Installer

Help the city keep track of water usage by setting up new gauges.

What does a Water Meter Installer do?

A Water Meter Installer does more than just install water meters, believe it or not. Falling under the broader category of Pipefitters and Steamfitters, a Water Meter Installer is responsible for the overall water-piping system.

As a Water Meter Installer, you’re employed by utility companies, municipalities, and construction companies, and you work with Contractors, Linemen, and Architects. Utilizing your background in mathematics and all things mechanical, including welding, measuring, soldering, and brazing, you assemble and install water meters and pipe systems.

Attention to detail is extremely important in this job. Following plans and schematics for pipe systems requires accurate precision. The water meter tracks the amount of water used in a home or business, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The overall system requires you to cut and bend pipes using saws, cutting torches, and pipe benders. If one measurement is off, the entire system may fail.

Excellent English and communication skills are also required, as you interpret piping diagrams and discuss alternatives with coworkers. Other requirements include coordination, time management, and critical thinking. Using logic and reason to identify weaknesses in the design and finding an appropriate solution are essential components of the job.

Don’t forget about physical strength and stamina, either. As a Water Meter Installer, you bend, lift and carry things, climb, and walk quite often throughout your workday. These skills all combine to make for a challenging position, with the reward flowing your way each time the faucet is turned on.