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Water Commissioner

Ensure access to a safe water supply.

What does a Water Commissioner do?

When it comes to making sure every citizen has access to plentiful clean water, few people have more input than the water commissioner. As the water commissioner, you’re the person who makes major decisions about where the water will come from, how much will be needed, and what price will be paid.

While the rest of us turn the tap on the kitchen sink without pause, you manage the access to every drop in town. As water commissioner, you’re appointed to your position by the mayor or through an election. Then you work with the city’s Board of Directors to implement effective water-use policies.

That might sound like a one-step solution, but you attend a lot of meetings and constantly gather data in order to make your decisions about where the water will come from and how to manage the watershed. You’re also in charge of completing contracts with water providers and making sure the water meets quality standards. That means you get it tested and evaluate the test results.

You might also work to reduce water usage by educating the public, offering rebates for low-water toilets, or handing out low-flow shower heads. It takes some time to order water-usage reports and analyze the results, but they help you find out who’s using the most water and how you can help reduce consumption.

With all this information at your fingertips, you’re a key player in setting the price that consumers and business owners pay.