Watch Train Assembler

Assemble, inspect, and adjust watch trains.

What does a Watch Train Assembler do?

Assembles, inspects, and adjusts watch train, using watchmaker’s tools, loupe, and holding fixture: Examines parts to ensure freedom from defects, using loupe. Positions pillar plate in holding fixture and inserts pivots of wheel staffs into holes drilled in pillar plate jewels, using tweezers. Positions train bridge over wheels, aligns pivots with jewels in bridge, and screws bridge to pillar plate, using tweezers and screwdriver. Inspects assembled watch train for meshing of wheels and pinions and endshake of wheels, using tweezers and loupe [INSPECTOR, WATCH TRAIN]. Moves jeweled bearings specified distance to correct deficient endshake, using micrometer and hand staking tool.