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Watch Technician

Help fix broken timepieces and clocks.

What does a Watch Technician do?

Anyone who’s ever been late for a major test, job interview, or hot date can tell you: Time is pretty important stuff! A Watch Technician fixes watches and clocks for clients to make sure they never miss a major appointment again.

A Watch Technician is a lot like a Watch Repairer. In fact, the two titles are occasionally used interchangeably. Like a Watch Repairers, Watch Technicians work in jewelry stores or private shops, dealing with clients who find their services either online or by walking in. Since you spend quite a bit of time with clients in this job (and also with vendors to get supplies), you should have strong customer service skills and enjoy talking to a range of people.

When not with customers, you work with watches, of course. You first figure out what’s wrong with the piece, and then get to work fixing it. If you know the brand well, you might be able to get straight to work; otherwise, you’ll need to consult manuals and blueprints to get an idea of what to do.

Occasionally, watches will have major problems, like broken springs or malfunctioning parts. Other times, the work will just be routine maintenance, which includes stuff like replacing springs, adding lubricant to rusty parts, and replacing batteries.

In order to get to the parts, you need to work with some pretty small tools. Thin screwdrivers, pointed tweezers, and miniature welding sets can all end up in your toolbox.