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Watch Parts Inspector

Examine and measure watch and clock components.

What does a Watch Parts Inspector do?

Examines and measures watch and clock components, such as pinions, wheels, gears, pillar plates, shafts, pallets, wheel and pinion assemblies, and escapement assemblies to ensure conformance to tolerance specifications and quality standards, using loupe, precision measuring instruments, and electronic timing devices: Reads blueprints and inspection specifications for parts to be inspected to determine types and sequences of inspection and measuring instruments required. Examines components for surface defects, such as scratches, burrs, nicks, and blemishes, using loupe, optical comparator, microscope, and tweezers. Measures components to ensure adherence to dimensional specifications, using precision measuring instruments, such as gauges, calipers, dial indicators, comparascopes, and micrometers. Approves or rejects components according to inspection results and records reasons for rejection. Checks accuracy of measuring instruments, using calibrating equipment. May project watch parts on screen to inspect parts [COMPARATOR OPERATOR]. May weigh fine parts, such as timing, balance, and gold screws to ensure conformance to weight specifications, using balances and scales. May test hardness of watch parts [HARDNESS INSPECTOR]. May be designated according to component inspected as Arbor Inspector; Balance-Staff Inspector; Barrel Inspector; Case Inspector; Hands Inspector; Mainspring-Strip Gauger. May be designated: Mainspring-Strip Inspector; Pinion Inspector; Plate Inspector; Screw Inspector.