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Waste Disposal Attendant

Dispose of radioactive equipment and wastes.

What does a Waste Disposal Attendant do?

Disposes of radioactive equipment and wastes, performing any combination of following duties: Loads contaminated equipment and lead pigs of waste material onto truck, using forklift. Drives truck to storage area and removes load. Shovels specified quantities of ingredients into and tends concrete mixer. Pours or shovels concrete into forms to make disposal coffins. Lifts contaminated equipment or wastes from lead pigs and places them in coffin, using stainless steel rods. Pours concrete into coffin to encase waste. Loads coffins onto truck, using forklift, and transports them to burial ground or arranges for burial at sea. Records amount and type of equipment and waste disposed. May accompany coffins for burial at sea. May clean contaminated equipment for reuse by operating sand blasters, filtering pumps, and steam cleaners or by scrubbing with detergents or solvents. Workers must follow prescribed safety procedures and federal laws regulating waste disposal.