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Washroom Operator

Oversee industrial scale laundry for hotels, spas, and restaurants.

What does a Washroom Operator do?

Making the world a cleaner place-Washroom Operators dedicate their days to this mission. Cleaning, organizing, and moving products through the system keep Washroom Operators busy and entertained. In this position, you work in a factory or warehouse setting, overseeing the operation of washing, drying and, in some cases, packing machines.

Washroom Operators are employed in many types of production facilities and industries, such as produce warehousing and packing companies, commercial laundries, and clothing manufacturers. If you’re employed by a commercial launderer, you’re responsible for operating and overseeing the machinery used to wash, dry, organize, and store items. These items may include uniforms, dust mops, floor mats, or shop towels. You must ensure that each is washed according to company standards regarding temperature, length of wash cycle, and type of cleaning agent used.

Attention to detail and basic computer skills are extremely important in this job, as the company relies on you to accurately track and report laundered items for inventory and quality control. Computer database management programs are often used to track the company’s inventory (the items you wash). These programs let you streamline the process and share information digitally among departments.

Physical strength is essential as well, as you must be able to lift at least 50 pounds repeatedly for up to eight hours per day. The frequent bending, twisting, and lifting make for a great workout, and you get paid too!