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Wash-House Worker

Tend equipment to clean interiors of aluminum or steel beer barrels.

What does a Wash-House Worker do?

Tends equipment to clean and spray interiors of aluminum or steel beer barrels or kegs, performing any combination of following tasks: Tends drilling machine to remove plastic or wood cork from bunghole. Lifts barrel onto conveyor for transfer to washing or pitching machine. Tends washing or pitching machine that cleans or coats barrels with pitch. Observes gauges and thermometers and turns valves to maintain temperatures at specified operating levels. Dumps bags of pitch into machine pots. Screws metal plugs into tap and bungholes. Unscrews plugs from pitched barrels, wipes holes with rags to remove excess pitch, and hammers cork into taphole. Inserts light into barrel and inspects interior surfaces for dents, holes, dirt, and completeness of pitch coverage. Loads and unloads conveyors. Stacks barrels on floor.