Wash Helper

Tend equipment that wash and reduce acidity of activated carbon.

What does a Wash Helper do?

Tends equipment that washes and reduces acidity of activated carbon, preparatory to drying: Turns valves, couples hoses, and starts pumps to circulate carbon sludge through washing and blending tanks in specified timing and sequence. Admits prescribed amount of caustic soda into mixing tank or barrel to produce neutralizing solution of prescribed concentration. Starts agitators in blending tanks and opens valves to admit water, caustic solution, and steam to system as directed by WASH OPERATOR. Takes samples of carbon sludge and wash solution to determine acidity, using titration test and conversion chart. Determines specific gravity of neutralized solution, using hydrometer, beaker, and siphon, and reports reading to system operator to facilitate process control. Measures depth of carbon sludge in tank, using calibrated rod or suction tube. Pumps washed and neutralized carbon to driers when test results indicate washing is completed. Records tank-level and specific gravity readings in shift log. Flushes tanks and lines with water hose, dismantling piping as necessary to remove caked deposits, using wrenches.