Tend table-type rotary warping machines that wind warp yarn onto pegs.

What does a Warper do?

Tends table-type rotary warping machine that winds warp yarn onto pegs or spools for use in weaving narrow fabrics: Places spool of warp yarn over revolving spindle of machine. Mounts spools on spindles or positions wooden pegs in holes of machine table to produce warp of specified dimensions. Threads warp through eye of spindle and horizontal warping arm attached to spindle, and ties warp to hook holder. Starts machine to rotate warping arm and wind warp around pegs and through hook holder. Places weaving hook in hook holder after each revolution of warping arm to separate warp. Stops machine when specified number of yarn strands have been wound and cuts yarn, using scissors. Turns thumbscrew to secure yarn and hooks in hooks holder. Doffs wound yarn.