Warp Tying Machine Tender

Tend portable or stationary automatic warp-tying-in machines.

What does a Warp Tying Machine Tender do?

Tends portable or stationary automatic warp-tying-in machine that ties warp ends from full warp beam to warp in loom in order to resume weaving without repeating drawing-in process: Reads work order or confers with supervisor to determine looms needing warp-tying-in process. Divides, combs out, straightens, and applies warp softener to ends of warp from full beam and from exhausted beam, and clamps ends in position in tier. Presses button or turns crank to start tying mechanism. Observes and controls tying-in process as machine picks up corresponding strands from warp beam and from loom beam, ties strands together, and cuts off excess yarn above knot. Stops machine, corrects misalignment of warp yarn, and releases joined strands from machine. Manually ties ends not tied by machine. May pull warp through drop wires, harnesses, and reed so knots will not jam assembly and break when loom is started. May repair tying machine. May doff exhausted warp beams and position full beams prior to warp-tying-in process, using hoist.