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Warp Knitting Machine Operator

Tend battery of warp-knitting machines to knit diverse products.

What does a Warp Knitting Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of warp-knitting machines to knit diverse products, such as tulle, lace, net, fabrics for outer and undergarments, elastic fabric for foundation garments, and carpet material: Patrols knitting area and inspects cloth for defects, such as holes, yarn breaks, and discolorations. Ties broken yarn ends with fingers. Stops machine and notifies supervisor when unable to determine cause of defects. Records number and type of defects. Hand-weaves new threads over and under lease rods, threads yarn through guides, using hook, and ties warp ends with fingers to attach new warp to corresponding threads of old warp. Cuts excess thread from knots, using scissors. May replace defective needles, using hook and wrench. May help position warp beams I on machine and doff rolls of knitted cloth from machine, using chain hoist and handtools. May lubricate machines, using oilcan and brush. May tend machines that knit milanese, raschel, or tricot fabrics and be designated according to machine type as Milanese-Knitting-Machine Operator; Raschel-Knitting-Machine Operator; Tricot-Knitting-Machine Operator.