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Warp Dyeing Vat Tender

Tend machines that wash, dye, rinse, and dry warp yarn in rope form.

What does a Warp Dyeing Vat Tender do?

Tends machine that washes, bleaches, dyes, rinses, and dries warp yarn in rope form: Weighs chemicals and dyes, according to formula, and dumps ingredients into mixing tank. Turns valves to admit steam and water into tank, and stirs solution with paddle. Turns valves to release dye mixture into vats. Sets drying can thermostat at temperature specified for count of yarn to be dried. Mounts ball warps on rack at front of machine, using hoist. Ties yarn to leader to thread machine. Observes yarn passing through units of machine to detect yarn breaks or tangles. Stops machine and untangles snarled yarns or ties broken ends. Compares sample of yarn with standard to determine if dyeing meets specifications, and notifies DYE WEIGHER if specifications are not met. Observes level of liquid in vats and adjusts liquid flow to maintain specified level. May be designated according to dye used as Indigo-Vat Tender, Warp; or according to process as Warp-Bleaching-Vat Tender; Warp-Scouring-Vat Tender.