Warehouse Worker

Move your company's products in and out of the warehouse on schedule.

What does a Warehouse Worker do?

The job title Warehouse Worker is a really broad one and can include more specific titles like Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse Clerk, or Distribution Coordinator. You can hold one of these jobs or a number of others and still be considered a Warehouse Worker. The only thing you need to do to grab this title is work in a warehouse of some kind.

You can work in any type of warehouse storing any type of good, from clothing to auto parts to furniture. Though that might sound like you spend your days with those specific goods, in reality, no matter where you work, you spend your days with cardboard boxes and wooden crates.

The responsibilities of this job are also the same regardless of what type of warehouse you work in. You’re in charge of doing things like taking goods off of delivery trucks, putting them away, and moving other packages onto outgoing trucks. While you work, you keep an eye on the quality of the product, making sure boxes come off of trucks and leave the warehouse in good condition.

One of the best things about this job is you get to drive a forklift. Pretty much every warehouse has one to carry boxes and crates from one area to another. As a Warehouse Worker, you need to be certified to drive one of these machines. Safety is a big concern, not just while moving boxes but in anything you do.