Warehouse Supervisor

Enforce regulations, serve internal customers, and oversee warehouse operations.

What does a Warehouse Supervisor do?

A warehouse supervisor monitors as well as controls all the day-to-day warehouse functions. You assign work to the staff and communicate with the clients in case of problems. Warehouse supervisors also maintain inventory records and manage the movement of products to and from the warehouse. Managing the budget, providing expenditure information, and securing the warehouse with safety systems are also part of your job.

A warehouse supervisor usually has a bachelor’s degree in management, logistics, or business, but sufficient experience in the inventory, warehouse, or logistics field could also count for this job. A proven qualification in management could be useful. Strong communication skills, critical thinking in times of emergencies, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are necessary. You should be approachable to staff members and have strong writing skills to record schedules, maintain logs, and write emails. Awareness of safety requirements, time management, and good organizational skills are desirable traits for a warehouse supervisor.