Warehouse Manager

Store and keep track of products at a warehouse.

What does a Warehouse Manager do?

Companies use warehouses to store their goods while they wait for customer requests or for space in their showrooms. However, keeping those products in the warehouse is expensive for any company. Not only did it cost money to produce the goods, but storing and transporting them also add to the final cost.

Since those products in the warehouse are worth so much, the company needs a trustworthy Warehouse Manager who can do a good job of keeping them safe. This is where you come in. As a Warehouse Manager, you oversee the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, making sure nothing bad happens to the company’s stored goods.

A big part of your job as Warehouse Manager entails working with people and maintaining good lines of communication. You regularly meet with other Managers, like the Sales Managers or Purchasing Managers, to make sure the flow of goods is on time and regular. You need to know when you’ll be getting new products (so you can make space), and when you have to get some of the things on your shelves ready for transport.

When not with other Managers, you spend quite a bit of time with your employees. You’re in charge of interviewing, hiring, and training all new employees; doing performance reviews on existing ones; and firing poor performers. You also give safety presentations and do periodic checks to make sure the warehouse is a safe place for everyone.