Warehouse Lumper

Unload and store goods and products off of trucks.

What does a Warehouse Lumper do?

A Warehouse Lumper facilitates the distribution of goods from delivery (often by truck) to the intended destination (warehouse location, department, or individual). Essentially, Warehouse Lumpers unload delivery trucks as they arrive and then properly store the delivered products, while checking the shipment’s accuracy along the way.

For example, if a shipment of new bicycle tires arrives at your bicycle manufacturing plant, you begin your job as Warehouse Lumper by unloading the cases of tires. As you progress through the cases, you notice that the order is supposed to have 50 cases and you’re already unloading the 200th. So you alert the appropriate person – typically the Shipping and Receiving Clerk – to the discrepancy. Once the issue is sorted out and all the cases are unloaded, you then turn your attention to the pallets that must be restacked for future use.

A basic understanding of industrial machinery and vehicles is essential, as you use a pallet jack and forklift regularly throughout your day. When light maintenance is required on the machinery you use, it’s up to you to perform those duties as well. Physical strength and stamina are also mandatory for this position because you’re expected to stand, climb, bend, twist, and lift up to 80 pounds repeatedly throughout your shift. Depending on the industry you’re employed in, you may also have to work in refrigerated (or heated) areas, too.

It’s hard work, but when you complete your tasks and end up with a neat and organized warehouse, everyone else’s job becomes easier, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of your shift.