Warehouse Inventory Clerk

Keep track of warehouse inventory.

What does a Warehouse Inventory Clerk do?

If you love putting things in their proper place, and figuring out the most efficient ways to store and move large quantities of goods, then this could be the job for you. As a Warehouse Inventory Clerk, you receive and process new supplies in a warehouse. Making sure that these items are properly accounted for, labeled, and entered into the tracking system (usually on a computer) is your most important duty.

Some Warehouse Inventory Clerks work in stable warehouses, storing raw materials or products for on-site use in manufacturing or retail. Other warehouses are pivot points for merchandise that comes in from manufacturers and is then locally distributed.

Whichever type of warehouse you work in, though, you need organization, great communication skills, and attention to detail. That’s because you’re part of a team that includes Logistics Analysts, Truck Drivers, Forklift Operators, and many other types of supply-side workers. Also, be prepared to use your customer service skills when dealing with outside clients and suppliers.

Many Warehouse Inventory Clerks work a standard 40-hour workweek, Monday through Friday, on a set schedule. Busy warehouses may operate teams on multiple shifts, and need Clerks on duty 24 hours to receive shipments.

Expect overtime and strange hours during high-volume months or when shifts need to be covered. In a warehouse, everyone needs to pull together to finish the job. Be prepared to move a heavy box or two when needed – whatever it takes to get things done.