Warehouse Handler

Move products in and out of a warehouse.

What does a Warehouse Handler do?

The job of a Warehouse Handler can actually be split into two different categories: freight and materials. No matter where you work though, your responsibilities as a Warehouse Handler are pretty much the same. The only difference lies in what you spend your day around.

As a Warehouse Handler, you move a company’s products off incoming trucks and into a warehouse. Later, you move those products out of the warehouse and onto other trucks that will carry them to their final destination. The products you handle can come in all shapes and sizes.

In order to move a lot of goods at once, you use a variety of tools, like dollies, carts, and forklifts. This is a pretty physical job so you want to always make sure you follow all safety requirements and wear proper gear. This means you should get ready for hardhat hair and periodic forklift driving tests.

While moving products, you look for any damaged parts, potential hazards around the area, or dirty warehouse conditions. If you find anything off, you quickly alert your Manager so they can handle the problem.

As you can imagine, when accepting goods or removing them from the warehouse, there’s some paperwork involved. This paperwork requires you to check on things like the accuracy of the count and the quality of the product. After you’ve verified these things, you then fill out more paperwork, and get to work loading or unloading.