Warehouse Driver

Operate a forklift and your muscles to keep a warehouse full.

What does a Warehouse Driver do?

A functional warehouse is constantly cycling through materials. New materials come in and must be put away, and older ones must be retrieved and distributed. Warehouse Drivers use a variety of equipment to move these materials around.

When new materials are delivered to the warehouse, the Warehouse Driver checks the paperwork to make sure that everything has been received. The Warehouse Driver then puts the materials away, typically using a forklift, then a hand truck, and then his or her arms and legs.

In this job, when the Warehouse Manager directs you to, you remove items from the warehouse. You bundle the materials together using your own strength, and then you use a forklift to deposit the tidy bundle onto a truck. You also fill out paperwork detailing what you’re shipping. You may drive the bundle to the customer yourself, or you may direct a delivery truck to transport the package.

At times, you may be required to help with a complete inventory of the warehouse. This helps your Manager to ensure that your paperwork, detailing what has come in and what has gone out, matches what is actually in the warehouse.

You’ll learn to love your trucks, forklifts, and hand trucks, as they allow you to do much of your work without sweating and straining. You’ll take loving care of your equipment, making sure everything is functioning properly. You may perform oil changes and routine maintenance to ensure that the equipment will be ready when you need it.