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Ware Tester

Collect, inspect, and test glassware.

What does a Ware Tester do?

Collects, inspects, and tests glassware, such as containers and cathode-ray tubes, for conformance to specifications: Collects samples to be tested and measured, and marks samples and logs with identifying information, such as batch number, machine number, and mold number. Visually inspects glassware for defects, such as striations, bubbles, pits, discolorations, incomplete grinding and polishing, and painting flaws, such as chips and smears. Fills containers with water to determine fluid capacity by weighing filled container on scales or pouring contents into graduated cylinder. Verifies size, shape, radius, thickness, weight, eccentricity, and surface flatness, using templates, calipers, micrometers, scales, eccentricity table, surface blocks, wedge blocks, or electronic measuring instruments. Determines annealed quality of glassware by either observing glass through polariscope, measuring wave length of glass color with spectrophotometer, or by examining microsections for annealing striations. Immerses containers in hot or cold water tanks to estimate thermal shock resistance. Determines bursting point of container by either filling container with water and inserting electrically controlled plunger in container to apply pressure, or placing container in pressurized chamber. Cuts glass into wafers and examines glass under microscope to measure micro defects. Records results of tests and deviations from standards and submits to supervisor; notifies supervisor of serious defects, such as failure to withstand thermal shock or defective mold. May set and adjust measuring devices used in laboratory or by SELECTOR. May compile specifications from new product orders for setting quality control standards. May place sample in test tube, immerse test tube in controlled temperature water, and observe settling point of glass to estimate density of glass. May place container in surface abrader to estimate container scratch resistance. May place container in jaws of calibrated vice to determine horizontal bursting point. May test gob of molten glass from furnace and forehearth to ensure glass temperatures are within specifications. May pack sample ware for shipment to customer. May perform dimensional measurements at production work stations and be designated Floor Inspector. May be designated according to article inspected as Bottle Inspector; Television-Tube Inspector.