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Wardrobe Supervisor

Manage costumes for movies, TV show, or plays.

What does a Wardrobe Supervisor do?

The Wardrobe Supervisor for a film, TV series, or stage production oversees the day-to-day use of the wardrobe on set. The Wardrobe Supervisor manages the Wardrobe Assistants as well as oversee the costume maintenance, and perhaps even the costuming budget. For a large production, Actors may need individual Dressers, whom the Wardrobe Supervisor will also manage.

At the start of a production, you discuss the film costuming with the Costume Designers, then create a “look book” of all costumes for all of the characters throughout the production. Then you are in charge of making sure those agreed upon costumes are where they should be when they’re supposed to be there, in their entirety. If Extras need to be outfitted then you are in charge of that too.

During shoots and performances, you get the clothes and accessories labeled and ready to go for each scene. If there are multiple locations, you need to provide doubles of the wardrobe. You are also responsible for wardrobe continuity: the Actors can’t be missing a ring or bracelet from scene to scene, for example.

You also care for costumes aside from the dressing aspect: This involves using and maintaining the wardrobe equipment, like sewing machines, washing machines, steamers, and irons. And after filming wraps up, you are responsible for the return of outfits and the sale of whatever’s remaining.