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Wallpaper Inspector and Shipper

Inspect wallpaper for printing defects and prepare it for shipment.

What does a Wallpaper Inspector and Shipper do?

Inspects wallpaper for printing defects and prepares wallpaper for shipment: Lifts bolt of wallpaper onto letoff rack. Pulls wallpaper across inspection table and clamps wallpaper to rod on powered windup rack. Sets footage meter. Presses foot switch and observes wallpaper for defects, such as color splashes, smudges, and irregular printing as paper is wound onto windup rack. Cuts wallpaper from bolt when specified footage is wound. Wraps rolls of wallpaper with paper covering, and stamps identifying information on rolls. Packs rolls of wallpaper in cartons for shipment or stacks them in storage bins. May compare colors with master swatch to verify color accuracy. May brush excess flock from surface of flocked wallcovering, using soft brush.