Wallcovering Texturer

Apply paint to decorate textured wall coverings in prescribed pattern.

What does a Wallcovering Texturer do?

Applies paint to decorate textured wallcoverings in prescribed pattern: Reads production card and paint sample book to determine information, such as colors specified, patterns, and methods of paint application. Positions roll of wall covering stock on worktable, and tapes end of stock to takeup reel of drier used to dry painted stock. Drips specified paint onto stock, using stick or sponge depending on paint application method specified for pattern, dips paint roller into paint solvent, and spreads paint onto stock, according to pattern. Places blotting paper on wet paint, and rubs paper to remove excess paint and achieve pattern design. Pushes button to activate drier takeup reel to move painted wall covering into drier and unpainted stock onto worktable. Removes dried rolls of wallcovering and repeats process, using additional paints to achieve final pattern. Observes wallcovering in drier for breaks and tapes wallcovering together to repair breaks. Sprays water repellent on specified wallcovering, using spray gun.