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Wafer Production Lead Worker

Assist supervisor of workers engaged in manufacturing semiconductor wafers.

What does a Wafer Production Lead Worker do?

Assists supervisor in coordinating activities of workers engaged in abrading, cleaning, etching, heattreating, testing, inspecting, sawing, and other processes in manufacturing semiconductor wafers, utilizing knowledge of equipment, procedures, and specifications for wafer manufacture: Assigns workers to work stations to meet production requirements. Interprets process specifications for workers. Monitors production and adjusts work assignments, supply of material, and machine operation when necessary. Transports materials between production and storage areas. Repairs various machines, using handtools and power tools. Refers extensive machine repairs to maintenance personnel. Confers with supervisor to receive instructions and exchange production information. Tests random samples of silicon wafers, using various test equipment, to verify wafers meet specifications. Periodically recalibrates test equipment. Trains workers in equipment operation. May perform duties of absent workers to maintain production.