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Wafer Polishing Lead Worker

Assist Electronics Processing Supervisors.

What does a Wafer Polishing Lead Worker do?

Assists SUPERVISOR, ELECTRONICS PROCESSING 590.130-010 in coordinating activities of workers engaged in polishing wafers for use in manufacturing semiconductor devices: Reviews production goals with SUPERVISOR, ELECTRONICS PROCESSING, prioritizes wafers to be polished, and assigns workers to stations. Monitors production and adjusts work assignments when necessary. Inspects polished wafers and measures wafer thickness, using gauge, to ensure conformance to customer specifications. Trains workers in equipment operation and wafer inspection. Observes workers to ensure compliance with safety rules and production standards. Completes work schedules and daily production reports. May tend polishing machines [POLISHING MACHINE TENDER 673.685-094] and demounting machines [WAFER MOUNTER 726.685-058] to substitute for workers during worker absence or to relieve bottlenecks in work congested areas.