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Wafer Line Worker

Perform tasks to assemble wafer-type dry cell batteries.

What does a Wafer Line Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble wafer-type dry cell batteries: Removes stack of cells from machine and inspects and counts cells. Positions stack in handpress and pulls lever to compress stack to form battery. Wraps battery in rubberized wrapping and places wrapped battery on hot iron to seal. Marks positive terminal, using pencil, and places battery in tray. Tests capacity of battery, using voltmeter. Closes and seals ends on hot iron. Touches ends of cell to device to coat ends with hot asphalt. Manually presses carbon end plates on asphalt. Presses copper lead to end plate, using hot iron. Applies strip of tape around battery to hold lead in position. Stamps code on battery, using hand stamp. Rubs cover with emery paper to remove wax from terminal covers and applies silver wax to terminals, using hot iron. Inserts battery, pads, and bottom in can. Crimps can over bottom, using hand-crimping press.