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Wader Boot-Top Assembler

Cement precut rubber and rubberized fabric parts.

What does a Wader Boot-Top Assembler do?

Cements precut rubber and rubberized fabric parts to fabricate wader boot tops and boot liners for rubber boots: Selects parts according to worksheet and lays them on workbench for cementing. Brushes rubber cement on edges to be joined or brushes benzine over previously applied adhesive to restore tackiness, and assembles cemented parts in specified sequence to form complete article. Pulls boot liner over last and cements on sole piece. Trims excess material, using scissors. Places strip of gum rubber over joined seam and rolls it to make firm bond, using handroller. Attaches eyelets and snap buttons at designated points, using grommeting machine. Hangs completed article on rack for cement to dry. Marks around template on spare stock and cuts out needed parts, such as straps or reinforcement tabs, using scissors.