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Wad Compressor Operator-Adjuster

Operate battery of compressor machines and drying ovens.

What does a Wad Compressor Operator-Adjuster do?

Operates battery of compressor machines and drying ovens to press and dry cardboard-fiber and wood-flour slurry to form filler wads for shotgun shells: Turns valves to fill compressor jackets with slurry and to heat drying ovens. Starts feed tank agitator, wad compressors, and conveyors. Observes molded wads emerging from compressor punches to detect concave tops indicating fouled punch tip. Unbolts punch tube and cleans accumulated slurry from tip, using compressed air or water. Replaces bent or broken punches, tubes, knock-off fingers, and transfer plates, using handtools. Weighs specified number of dried wads from each batch of slurry on grain scale, and computes quantity of water needed to produce wads of specified weight. Measures thickness of wads, using dial gauge, and adjusts spacing between top and bottom punches to change wad thickness, using micrometers, feeler gauges, and precision gauge blocks. Washes accumulation of slurry from machine. May operate and adjust battery of stationary pneumatic compressors that press slurry into holed wads for further compressing into base wads and be designated Base-Wad Operator-Adjuster.