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Vulcanized Fiber Unit Operator

Tend machines that compress and vulcanize layers of paper.

What does a Vulcanized Fiber Unit Operator do?

Tends machine that compresses and vulcanizes layers of paper or related materials into homogeneous sheets: Reads job order to determine type and thickness of fiber sheets to be made. Inserts metal shafts through core of paper roll, and mounts roll onto machine, using hoist. Tightens holding collars on feed roll shaft to adjust tension on paper roll. Sets counter to record number of layers of paper needed to obtain desired thickness. Threads paper under guide bar, through acid immersion tank, and over calender rolls. Starts machine and observes compressing and vulcanizing process, adjusting tension of paper rolls as needed. Cuts vulcanized sheet from roll, using knife. Directs removal of vulcanized sheets from machine and immersion of sheets into leaching vats for specified period. Maintains production records.