Volunteer Fire Fighter

Receive fire response training in exchange for your free services.

What does a Volunteer Fire Fighter do?

Volunteer Fire Fighters battle blazes and respond to accidents. They don’t do it because they get paid to do it. They do it because of an intrinsic desire to help the community.

If you’ve always dreamt of being a Fire Fighter, but aren’t sure how to get started, being a Volunteer Fire Fighter will give you the experience you need to land a paid position. Then again, it’s admirable to fill in as a volunteer while you earn an income somewhere, too.

Whatever your reasons for becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter, you receive training so you’re familiar with safety precautions, equipment, and procedures. When the fire station bell rings, you slide into your boots, hat, and jacket. En route, you mentally prepare for the emergency by gathering information. On site, you direct traffic, unwrap hoses, direct water onto the flames, help stranded victims, assist injured persons, and, of course, save the ubiquitous cat in the tree.

The job of a Volunteer Fire Fighter requires heart and dedication. Sometimes, that means missing your child’s ballet recital or football game, but it’s all in a day’s victory for you. Your coworkers count on you, and so do the members of the community you serve.

When you aren’t cinching up your suspenders in response to an emergency, you spend your time talking with Teachers, Principals, students, and City Administrators about fire safety and policy changes that could save lives. You also don your uniform for fundraisers that help keep the financial side of the fire department afloat.