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Volunteer Coordinator



Recruit volunteers and schedule times for them to help your non-profit.

What does a Volunteer Coordinator do?

Thousands of people want to make a difference in the world, but have no idea where to start. From homeless shelters to libraries to museums to hospitals, Volunteer Coordinators hook up volunteers with the organizations that need them most. A Volunteer Coordinator’s job is a scavenger hunt for the greater good.

The payoffs for Volunteer Coordinators are instant. You can’t personally help everyone at once, but you can find enough people to get the job done. Organizations appoint you to find new volunteers who can work for them. After you learn what the organization is and who they’re looking for, you spread the word to schools, churches, and other organizations that are willing to offer their services. You spend the day making phone calls, planning fundraisers, and attending meetings with both clients and volunteer groups.

Once your team of volunteers responds, you meet with them and outline what they’ll need to do. During the week, you speak with new volunteer groups and check in to see how old groups are doing. Volunteer jobs can be as short as a single day, so you’re always in the market scouting out fresh faces.

Few jobs let you change a community the way Volunteer Coordinator work does. Like a Talent Agent, you match individuals’ skills with their ideal non-profit opportunity so everyone has a chance to make a difference.

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