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Voltage Tester

Test electric power lines and auxiliary equipment.

What does a Voltage Tester do?

Tests electric power lines and auxiliary equipment to compile data concerning circuit conditions affecting efficiency of electric service and accuracy of current-consumption meters, using test instruments: Climbs poles or descends into underground vaults to gain access to power line equipment. Connects voltmeters, ammeters, and recording-demand meters to energized circuitry, transformers, and electrical accessories, using insulated pole fitted with grasping device. Records registration of direct-reading instruments. Periodically returns to change charts of recording meters. Tests building circuitry and such current-consuming apparatus as x-ray machines and motors to collect data regarding actual voltage requirements and fluctuations. Submits meter readings and charts to supervisory personnel. Inspects wiring, switchgear, and current-control apparatus for mechanical defects. May adjust voltage regulators.