Volleyball Coach

Hone your Volleyball Player's spikes and serves.

What does a Volleyball Coach do?

“Kill” and “spike” aren’t just words used in horror movies; they’re also moves employed for a win in volleyball. Volleyball Coaches get their Players to use more than their fair share of these moves.

Like basketball, volleyball is a pretty ubiquitous sport, as it requires nothing more than a ball and a net. This means, like a Basketball Coach, a Volleyball Coach has more than a few options on where to coach. Volleyball is played by everyone from high school students to Professional Athletes, and the level of skill you work with as a Volleyball Coach depends on your own skill and experience.

You also need to decide whether you want to coach beach or indoor volleyball. Though Players might play both depending on the season, professionals tend to focus on one or the other.

The truth of this job is that if you hope to support yourself completely by coaching, you need to work at the college or professional level. When you work at this level, your responsibilities are the same as anywhere; you just deal with a much higher level of skill.

Like any type of Coach, you run practice sessions to improve the individual skills of your Players and get the team playing seamlessly together. These sessions can cover everything from conditioning to passing to spiking. You create your practice plans based on what you see needs improvement. You also teach strategy and encourage your Players to keep motivated during difficult matches.

When not on the court, you scout new Players and watch films of upcoming opponents. As a professional Volleyball Coach, you complete all necessary administrative tasks as well, like filing paperwork for upcoming tournaments and giving press conferences before or after matches.