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Voice Teacher

Teach people how to sing beautifully.

What does a Voice Teacher do?

As a Voice Teacher, you teach others how to create art with the power of the human voice. Though some people have been singing like canaries since they were born, anyone can improve their skills with the help of a Voice Teacher. You show students how to breathe properly, how to hit those high notes, and how to control a wobbling pitch.

Everyone who wants to sing needs a Voice Teacher, so job opportunities abound. At schools, you lead choir practices and assess students to see who should sing soprano and who’s best suited to take over tenor. In between classes, you might offer private lessons for some one-on-one coaching with those who want to take their singing to the next level.

Regardless of who or how many students you teach, the basics are always the same. A good singing voice is a little bit of talent mixed with a lot of training. Knowing how and when to breathe makes all the difference between bringing the audience to tears of joy with your high notes and simply leaving them in tears.

Voice Coaches tackle similar roles as Voice Teachers, with the exception that you work with individual clients – usually those who are or who want to be professional Singers. From country music stars to rock-and-roll bands, you coach students on how to step up their game, and you provide guidance when a tricky solo falls flat. Your patience and passion for helping others keep the world in tune.