Voice Over Actor

Lend your voice to animated movies, commercials, or audio books.

What does a Voice Over Actor do?

Today, you’re the voice of reason convincing frazzled moms to buy the latest paper towel for cleaning up tough messes. Tomorrow, you’ll be a villain in a popular children’s cartoon. Voice acting brings to mind famous Movie Stars offering up their talents for the latest animated blockbuster, but in reality, Voice Over Actors also lend their smooth-talking skills to radio commercials, educational documentaries, and even audio books.

Voices are everywhere. Talking ads appear on web banners, instructional videos show you how to install that new car radio you bought, and radio commercials let you know about the latest holiday sales. As a Voice Over Actor, you bounce from job to job — some as short as a single day — recording commercials or instructing customers on how to use their new purchase.

Like a Movie Actor, you work with a Talent Agent who finds you a steady stream of work. In between recording the material for the job you’ve landed, you record samples to send as applications for future jobs.

Companies are always looking for Voice Over Actors to do industrial voice-overs. These educational recordings for businesses offer a large supply of work, so much of your time is likely spent creating company training videos or reading safety guidelines. As you build your resume, jobs will come more and more frequently. Soon, you’ll be the voice of the next memorable one-liner, be it “Have it your way!” or “You’ve got mail!”