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Vocational Training Instructor

Teach practical skills to prepare students for employment.

What does a Vocational Training Instructor do?

Vocational Training Instructors give their students more than just theoretical knowledge; they provide them with the practical know-how that transitions them into the workforce.

The working world is a scary place. To those who are about to enter it, it may seem like a true haunted house, and crafting a resume or finding an internship may be as daunting as facing a mummy or a vampire. In fact, if you’re a Vocational Training Instructor, some of your students probably would rather take down a werewolf than sit for an interview. But your training has taught you how to dispel the frightening myths related to getting into a vocation, and guide your pupils through the maze of preparing to make the leap into employment.

More than likely, you’re a jack of all trades. You can choose to focus on only one subject, demystifying the process of, say, making it into the cosmetology industry. But if your repertoire of skills is even greater, you can coach students in many different career paths. Knowledge of diverse topics such as woodworking, welding, and even construction is a valuable wealth that you can pass down to minds yearning for these practical skills.

The difference between a Vocational Training Instructor and a Career Counselor is that you see your students through all the way from start to finish. Not only are you the one administering training, or bringing in a professional to cover topics you may not be knowledgeable about, but you also help hopefuls obtain internships and secure jobs. As a staff member of a high school or community college, you’re one of the most valuable tools a student has access to. You take a difficult time in a student’s life and transform it into an exciting path to a fruitful life.