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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Coach disabled people through the process of getting jobs.

What does a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor do?

While some people simply dread the idea of heading to work each day, most realize that having a good job is a necessity of life. However, there are people-including those with physical or mental disabilities, or criminal histories-who need a little extra help finding a good job. A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor provides that help.

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, you conduct a thorough interview when a client comes to you for assistance. You ask them about their physical challenges, educational history, employment history, and job application history. You may also talk to their Doctor, family, and friends to find out what the client is able to do and how well they communicate with others.

Once you have a solid understanding of your client, the real work begins. You provide counseling services to help them learn how to make a good impression during a job interview. You may also direct them to schools to learn new skills. Additionally, you look for jobs that they can handle, and help them apply for those jobs.

Aside from counseling your clients, you counsel members of the community as well. You call employers and use your sweetest voice to remind them that discrimination is both illegal and disgusting. You also write letters to the paper, restating your case. In short, when you’re a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, you fight tooth and nail for your clients, helping them to get a fair shake in the employment market.