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Vocational Case Manager

Find new career paths for people who've been injured.

What does a Vocational Case Manager do?

In a split second, an accident can leave a hard worker unable to continue on in their current line of work. Accidents are impossible to prepare for but, thanks to the work of Vocational Case Managers, they’re not impossible to recover from. Vocational Case Managers plan out a path to recovery for injured workers who cannot return to their previous jobs, and scout out new jobs that are both satisfactory and well paying.

Your work with each client as a Vocational Case Manager starts with a review of their case. Assessing their skills, interests, and physical abilities helps you match them to the perfect new job. A person who can no longer perform physical labor may enjoy a computer job that allows them to sit down at work, or they may find customer service to be a rewarding occupation.

Before searching for jobs though, you must map your client’s path to recovery. They may need physical therapy, or simply some time to rest. Once they’re feeling better, you start your job hunt. The goal is to find a job that makes them happy and pays within the same range as their previous job.

During the course of your work, you document your client’s medical progress and the details of their accident for future reference. When all is said and done, they’ll be in a new position and still able to support their family, while doing what they enjoy. Thanks to you, no one has to let an accident stop them from continuing on in the workforce.