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Vocal Coach

Teach posture, breathing and intonation to would-be singers.

What does a Vocal Coach do?

Really good singers, whether on a Broadway stage or in a television show, make belting out high notes look so easy. Here’s a little secret: It’s not. These singers spend hours with vocal coaches to get their pitch and tone just right.

A vocal coach works with singers of any ability. You might help those who are just starting, or work with a veteran who racks in millions every time they open their mouth. Your job is to improve their singing and keep their voices safe.

You begin with an evaluation, watching clients sing and taking note of their range, strengths, and weaknesses. You find out what type of music they like and discuss their vocal goals. A client who wants to be a famous opera singer is going to get different exercises than one who just wants to make their high school choir.

The number of sessions per client varies. One client might come weekly while another a few times a month. It depends on what they want to improve and the quality of their voice. You give homework assignments to help their voice and force them to practice when they’re not with you.

Like any coach, you keep your players safe. Instead of checking on knees and ankles, though, you keep an eye on the person’s throat and voice. You teach them ways to protect their voice and keep from straining it. When illnesses like laryngitis hit, you help them get better and start again on their training.