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Study how to grow the best grapes for wine.

What does a Viticulturist do?

Viticulturist. It sounds like a flower or a far off city, but in reality it’s a job. As a Viticulturist, you’re in the business of growing grapes. The art of grape growing is part science and part intuition, commonly known as . With your knowledge and skills, you grow grape vines that produce large quantities of juicy, mouth-watering grapes.

Where do these grapes go? Into wine, mostly. If you specialize in grapes solely for wine production you might call yourself a Viticulturist. Regardless of which title you choose, your duties remain the same. All those helpless grapes need a Bodyguard to protect them from harsh weather conditions and natural pests.

Your duties as grape security Patrolman include checking the grapes for insects that might be eating them and applying the proper fertilizers for healthy growth. Like a Gardener, you plant new plants, water them, and guard against diseases. During the day you make your rounds through the vineyard, constantly on the lookout for any vine that’s not doing so hot. When the grapes look a little down in the dumps, you spruce them up with extra watering or a little bug spray to chase off hungry pests.

For you, grape vines are not just pretty plants, but also worthy investments. Buyers want excellent grapes, and you are their Salesman. At your job money may not grow on trees, but it does grow on grape vines.

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