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Visual Effects Supervisor

Organize and oversee the creation of visual effects for films or TV shows.

What does a Visual Effects Supervisor do?

A Visual Effects Supervisor manages and oversees the creation of visual effects. This makes the Visual Effects Supervisor the boss of the Visual Effects Artists, and your specific duties as Visual Effects Supervisor will include things like reviewing the dailies (or raw footage from that day’s shoot) and providing technical feedback.

This position combines creative, technical, and managerial skills. For the technical side of things, you need to be well versed in fundamentals like camera work and composition and keep current on cutting edge visual effects techniques and emerging technologies. When new software becomes available, you have the technical savvy and experience to dictate whether it’s worth the buy. Will the Artists be able to learn it in a snap? Can it speed up productivity and improve the visual quality of the end product? If so, you pitch the cost-benefit ratio to your Visual Effects Producer.

Creativity is important as well, as often you may work alongside your Artists in effects creation techniques like rendering, compositing, and animating.

Finally management skills come into play, as you are responsible for the production of your team. To account for this, you are in constant dialogue with the Visual Effects Producer, who makes sure you and your team stay on track with the schedule and budget.